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Monday, March 23, 2009

::wooosh wooosh wooosh wooosh::

That is my favorite sound in the whole world...

I called the doctor this morning because I was having some pretty bad cramping after doing yardwork this weekend. After talking to the nurse, they decided to have me come in and get checked out just in case. Derek was sick in bed so I went alone and I was scared the whole way there - I can even imagine how I'd feel if I'd hurt the baby while planting stupid roses!! After a few minutes the doctor came in and poked and prodded me and then pulled out the doppler... and right away, there was baby's heartbeat - strong as ever. Thank God. I'm on modified bed rest for a few days - no big activities and no heavy lifting/pushing/pulling (or digging) but then I should be good as new. This pregnancy stuff really takes getting used to!

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