Stefani's most-fantastical-reads book montage

Crooked Kingdom
Six of Crows
Yellow Brick War
The Wicked Will Rise
Charm & Strange
Their Fractured Light
These Broken Stars
Big Little Lies
I'll Be There
Red Queen

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Life List...

1. See the Northern Lights
2. Travel around Europe - Italy, France, Ireland, England, and Greece being at the top of my list
3. Have another baby

4. Get my Master's Degree
5. Swim with dolphins
6. Spend a weekend at a spa with my mom
7. Teach college level classes
8. Learn to speak a foreign language
9. Write something that gets published
10. Have a former student come back and tell me that I actually made a difference in their life
11. Take gourmet cooking classes
12. Write my own cookbook
13. Take photography classes
14. Be a good role model for my daughter
15. Design and build our dream home
16. Own a friesian
17. Compete in dressage at Second Level and win a ribbon
18. Take carriage driving lessons
19. Teach Addison to ride
It's a work progress...but the love is there and she's fearless :)

20. See Broadway musical in NYC
My mom and I in NYC before seeing Wicked on Broadway

21. Win a contest - lotto, giveaway, drawing, ANYTHING
22. Buy coffee for the person behind me in line
23. Go to Atlantis resort

24. See another concert at the Gorge

25. Have dinner at the Met in Seattle

26. Get whisked away on a romantic surprise vacation to a place with palm trees
27. Own a ridiculously expensive pair of black stilettos
28. Get my picture taken with someone famous

29. Visit Machu Picchu
30. Hike in Yellowstone National Park
31. Walk through the Bonaventure Cementary in Savannah, Georgia
32. See the Bayon Temple in Cambodia.
33. Go bass fishing... and catch one.

34. Get something [ANYTHING] the comes in a little, blue Tiffany's box.
Not only did I get my little, blue box...
but I got it at the original NYC Tiffany & Co.

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