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Monday, March 4, 2013

10 months...

Okay, 10 months annnnd 10 days... but close enough right?!?
Length: 27.5 inches (as of his last appointment)
Weight:  22lbs. 5oz.
Feeding Schedule: He's eating a 6oz. bottle of formula at 6am, oatmeal or fruit for breakfast around 8am (although he's not a fan of bananas). He has a bottle for lunch around noon or one He eats two tubs of baby food around 5:30pm. Then after his bath he has about 6 oz. at bedtime. He's also starting drinking a little water in a sippy cup but he uses it for playing for the most part right now. Last night he tried some noodles and some mac-n-cheese and had fun with those for a bit but other than that we've stuck with stage 2 solid foods because he has such a bad texture aversion which causes gagging and throwing up. He loves the little baby puff snacks but if he eats them too fast he ends up puking everywhere... :/
Sleeping Schedule: He's down most nights by 6:30 or 7pm, up once or twice during the night, and then up again around 7am. He's starting napping sporadically again - sometimes he takes two naps a day and sometimes none at all.
Milestones: HIS FIRST TOOTH CAME THROUGH TODAY!!!! Finally!!! I was starting to wonder if he had any chompers in those little gums at all! It was pretty exciting tonight at bedtime when we made the discovery. He's also standing and hanging on to couches and tables but he's still really wobbly...
Best Moment This Month: Watching the little speedster army crawl like a mad mad. It's the cutest thing EVER.
 Loves: Toy Story 3, phones and all electronics, getting tossed in the air by daddy while mommy cringes, standing, sitting up, crawling like a boss, taking baths, giggling, smiling, wrestling with blankets, babbling, pull on facial features and hair...
Hates: Bananas, screwed up schedules, loud places, having mama's phone taken away from him, food with textures, wind...
What We're Looking Forward To: Pulling up on his own and starting to cruise around... those first steps aren't that far away.


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