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Monday, September 15, 2008

Seahawks vs. 49's....

We got up at 6am... were on the road by 7:30ish... in seattle by 10ish (i think)... and in a lovely parking lot filled with bum pee and hypodermic needles just in time to tail gate and each a brunch of hot dogs and hamburgers. the boys played (or tried to play) football but there were several interceptions by parked cars. a wonderfully high homeless woman begged us for a vodka martini and a seahawks fan almost peed on mikes truck. it was an interesting morning... then we headed to the stadium to spend loads of money on jerseys and sweatshirts, found our seats next to the couple from disneyland who had apparently never been to a professional sporting event (they plugged their ears the whole time) and proceeded to scream our bloody lungs out for 5 false starts. but we didn't do enough and in OT the 49ers handed our butts to us... it was not good. the woman behind me was so mad she decided to give me a beer bath.. i smelled like a DUI all the way home :( oh but the fun wasn't over yet! we stopped in roslyn for pizza at the suggestion of heidi's sister... first we sat down in the wrong resturant (which didn't serve pizza)... so we paid our drink tab and crossed the street to village pizza. we ordered at 6:45... our pizza arrived at 8:20. we took it in a box and stuffed our faces all the way home. by 10pm i was exhausted and in bed and i was rudley awoken at 6am for this thing called work... sigh.

we actually had a lot of fun, despite my sarcastic writing - we hung out with some fab friends, watched our favorite sport, and ate (very) good pizza - in a car. it was just a very long day and i'm ready for a long nap... maybe i should teach kindergarten?!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

my 27th birthday...

no terrorist attacks... no funerals... it was a good day. actually, it's been a really good year and i'm excited for the next one. this getting old thing ain't so bad ;) we went to burts pub for with mike and heidi for some yummy food and shuffle board... i ate too much and lost at shuffle board, so all is right in the universe...

while the cats are away the dawg comes out to play...

Just wait... there will be retaliation... more to come ;)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

D.O.N.E. (and not a moment too soon!)

okay, i hereby declare this to be the most productive week in tweedy household history... the deck was done a few weeks ago and we launched right into the deck cover last weekend. rick, derek, and annette worked on the deck cover while dad and i (and mom when she wasn't baking goodies) worked on a storage shed. we got all our stuff moved in and cleaned the garage and organized EVERYTHING! it looks great! i even washed my car before parking it in our spiffy new space. now my eyes are on the attic (declutter...) and the walls in the house (painting party anyone??)... i guess the bug to fix-r-up never is satisfied. i love the back yard and i can't wait to spend some time out there relaxing. for now though, i need to go to bed... i haven't had any time to rest this weekend with all our chores!

all finished!

you have to have a little fun, right?
the construction crew went on strike...

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