Stefani's most-fantastical-reads book montage

Crooked Kingdom
Six of Crows
Yellow Brick War
The Wicked Will Rise
Charm & Strange
Their Fractured Light
These Broken Stars
Big Little Lies
I'll Be There
Red Queen

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1. I have an unhealthy obsession with Xtreme Cheddar Goldfish crackers. I'm not kidding.

2. I loathe dislike feet. I find them disgusting and I require that Derek sleeps with socks on. Addison's feet are on the brink of becoming "real" feet... so it's iffy. Cohen's tootsies however, are freaking adorable.

3. There are three songs that I am always on the verge of busting out with 1.) The Fresh Prince of Bellaire theme song 2.) I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts (from the Lion King) and last but not least 3.) Milkshake. All three have their own stupid dance to accompany them.

4. My favorite guilty snack is a Butterfinger and a Mt. Dew. I promise I only eat like that a few times a week year.

5. I'm incredibly self-conscious.

6. If I could have one personal servant, I would hire a hair dresser. Seriously.

7. I will not eat brussel sprouts. EVER. {12/19/12 - In light of the upcoming apocalypse, I did try a few brussel sprouts when they were served to me at Twigs with my steak. Coated in Gorgonzola fondue - they were acceptable. Alone, my opinion of them stands.}

8. Checking the mailbox everyday is one of my favorite moments. I LOVE getting mail, even if it's just bills.

9. I'm a bed, blanket, and pillow HOG. Big time.

10. The only reason I started a blog is that I can't stand when my handwriting isn't consistent or neat so I would start a new journal every month or so, even if I only had two entries. Blogging is much more cost efficient.

11. I can't let my feet hang off the bed when I sleep for fear that something might 'get' them. Same goes for dangling them off the dock at the lake/ocean/swimming pool.

12. I like pretty much every type of tomato product out there - but I won't eat a raw tomato.

13. My biggest fear about labor was pooping on the table.

14. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a pony when I grew up.

15. I have recurring nightmares about my teeth all falling out. It FREAKS me out.

16. I organize my closet by sleeve length, then fabric, then color. Cuz I'm neurotic special.

17. My favorite weather is spring thunderstorms with lots of rain, wind, and hail (as long as I'm at home).

18. I no longer have any desire to find my birthparents.

19. I cannot properly pronounce the word "else"... I say "elts". It drives my students nuts.

20. I struggle with OCD, anxiety, depression, ADD, and anorexia. Often, this blog is one of the only places I can articulate my thoughts and my struggle to maintain life in this state of organized chaos. 

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