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Monday, October 25, 2010

I really am still alive...

between work, grad school, ProCert, family, car crashes, and everything in between, I just haven't had two seconds to write... life still spins madly on, even when I can't find time to blog about it. So here is our life, as of lately, in pictures...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Big badaboom...

I was in a car accident today. I feel like I need to write it all down while it's fresh in my mind and before my pain medicine kicks in for the night...

I dropped Addison off with Cheryl and made a last minute decision to go get coffee, since today was our last day of the work week. I was headed toward town on First Avenue (driving East) and went to make a right turn into the coffee shop driveway. I was almost completely turned when out of nowhere, the car that was behind me slams into my passenger side door. I don't remember hearing a horn or tires screeching, it's like one minute I was trying to decide whether I wanted a 16oz or a 20oz, and the next there is glass flying everywhere, a horn blaring in the background, and the vague notion that my car is rolling down a hill. I hit my brakes and put my car in park and things started to sink in. I checked myself over, realized my neck was sore and my head hurt where I thumped it on the drivers side window but didn't find any blood. Someone ran up to my car and asked if I needed an ambulance and I told her no. She ran back to the other car and I tried to get out to go make sure the other driver was okay. The other car was totally smashed up, the airbag had deployed, and a high schooler was behind the wheel. Her airbag had deployed and she was super shaken up too. Once I knew that she wasn't injured too badly, I went back to my car to call Derek and the middle school. The medics came to check us out and since I was having head and neck pain, they strapped me to a backboard with a neck brace and took me to the hospital. I had a CAT scan done and saw a doctor and was released after my scan came back negative. After that, there were a lot of phone calls to make, a rental car to be found, pain meds to pick up, and finally, a nap to be had. It was awful, scary, and I'm mortified for my car but I am just so incredibly thankful that I didn't have Addison in the car with me - I had dropped her off just a few minutes before and the other car hit me square on the passenger side. I can't imagine what I would be writing about right now if she had been in the car...

I don't understand how the other driver didn't see me - that's the question that everyone has been asking and I honestly don't have an answer for that. I didn't get to talk to her and the officer who called didn't say what happened, just that she was being issued a citation for 'failure to yield'. All I know is that one second everything was fine, and the next it was all falling glass and blaring horns. I'm just thankful that we both walked away with no serious injuries and that Addison wasn't with me for my coffee stop that morning...

Now, I'm off to bed to rest before the real pain and soreness sets in tomorrow - thank you to the guardian angel who was looking out for me this morning...

::ten bonus points if you know what movie the blog title comes from::

Friday, October 1, 2010


Okay, I know this it is probably in poor taste to post this, but it's bugging the hell out of me - so to hell with manners.

I'm disappointed. My daughter turned one two weeks ago and we had a fantastic party with all of Derek's family, my parents, and our friends.

No one from my family showed.

Three people from my family sent cards (which I am SO thankful for and have put in her baby book). I wasn't fishing for presents and I realize that it's a day trip to come visit from Seattle but still... I feel like I'm no longer included in my side of the family. I got married and I moved to this side of the mountains... and somehow that qualified me as a deserter.

I'm annoyed. My feelings are hurt. And I felt like blogging might make it a little easier to sleep since this has been rumbling around in my brain for two weeks...

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