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Sunday, September 7, 2008

D.O.N.E. (and not a moment too soon!)

okay, i hereby declare this to be the most productive week in tweedy household history... the deck was done a few weeks ago and we launched right into the deck cover last weekend. rick, derek, and annette worked on the deck cover while dad and i (and mom when she wasn't baking goodies) worked on a storage shed. we got all our stuff moved in and cleaned the garage and organized EVERYTHING! it looks great! i even washed my car before parking it in our spiffy new space. now my eyes are on the attic (declutter...) and the walls in the house (painting party anyone??)... i guess the bug to fix-r-up never is satisfied. i love the back yard and i can't wait to spend some time out there relaxing. for now though, i need to go to bed... i haven't had any time to rest this weekend with all our chores!

all finished!

you have to have a little fun, right?
the construction crew went on strike...

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