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Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm having a tantrum. Deal with it.

So - I have wanted (read: CRAVED) a pita from Pita Pit for WEEKS now. It's the only thing I've wanted, a chicken caesar pita loaded with lettuce and dressing, like a little caesar salad burrito. The closest Pit to our house is in E'burg, 45 minutes away. Derek was on his way home from Seattle and I asked him to stop and get pitas yesterday. I was sick last night so I couldn't eat mine but I was super excited for it all day - I have conferences tonight and it's going to be a looooong night so a big, tasty lunch sounded perfect. I got down to the staff room, unwrapped my beautiful pita took that first glorious bit and got a mouthful of FETA CHEESE!!!! Not only is it on the "no-no" list during pregnancy but it just sounds flat out disgusting right now, especially on a caesar anything! I can't get ahold of Derek to find out if it was the Pit's screw up (I hope to God it was, because I'll call and throw a fit) or if Derek had a brain fart. Either way - I'm on the verge of tears over this stupid lunch. I don't have anything else to eat and my kids come back in 7 minutes so I can't get anywhere either. :( I'm pissed and it may have just ruined my whole day... I have to work a 12 hour day today because of conferences with NO FOOD??? effing hell... I'm off to drink my water.

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