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Saturday, March 14, 2009

and I shall call you Hammy, and you shall be mine...

So last night, for the first time, I think Derek and I came up with a nickname for the itty bitty... We had cookies in the oven (hey, I'm pregnant!!) and had just finished watching a movie. I was contemplating going to bed versus staying up for an episode of Grey's Anatomy... and sleep won out. I told Derek not to bother getting Grey's ready, that I needed to go to bed... the converstaion went as follows..

Derek: "Alright then, go brush your teeth and get ready for bed - don't worry about the cookies."
Stefani: "Well.... I could stay up long enough to have a cookie."
Derek: "You need your sleep, don't worry about it"
Stefani: "But it's not for me! The itty bitty wants a cookie!"
Derek: (Laughs and then proceeds to imitate Hammy from Over The Hedge) "But I like the cookie..."

And hence, our itty bitty now has a nickname - Hammy.

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