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Friday, March 13, 2009


That goes out to the co-worker who, while I was in the midst of discovering what sciatica is all about, says - "Every time I see you, you seem to get bigger. How much have you gained?" While I restrained the profanities that were trying to fly out of my mouth I actually said "9 pounds" (I know I'm a tard, and apparently a fat one).

My normal weight is 125 (I'm 5'3"). I gained 3 pounds over the holidays and when I got pregnant I was 128. I am now 135. I base my gain on my pre-holiday weight because that is what I'm going to be shooting for to get back to... I haven't gained anywhere except for bloat and boobs... So sorry for being a glutton... What the hell does she care what I weigh??

Now that my reasonably happy day sucks, I'm going to go eat my orange and drink my water.

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