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Monday, August 17, 2009

Pregnancy Public Service Announcement

1. Please don't ever comment on a pregnant woman's weight - EVER. This includes not mentioning that you think she's too big/too small for however far along she is. In case you didn't read the memo - no two pregnancies are the same. So no, I don't care that you didn't show until you were 8 months pregnant and you only gets 2 1/2 pounds - OBVIOUSLY I DIDN'T GET THAT LUCKY.

2. Don't judge baby names. Someone probably thinks your name is stupid too... they just have enough respect to keep it to themselves.

3. Don't tell someone they're lucky to be on bed rest or that you're jealous because "that sounds so nice". It is not a vacation. It's miserable. You may get out of doing the things you hate (housework/yardwork/workwork) but you also get banned from doing the things you love. It's lonely and boring. Add to that the stress that you are on bed rest because something is WRONG with your pregnancy and maybe you can see how laying on the couch playing computer games is not so cool.

4. Don't touch a pregnant belly without permission unless you are the co-creator of the baby or my mom. Otherwise, ask first. I don't come up and rub your gut out of the blue, don't do it to me.

5. Please don't try to tell me how to feel about labor and birth and how it should or could go. I went to the classes, I read all the books, I know my options. You may have loved you c-section but I don't want one. Don't try to convince me otherwise or tell me how to feel about it. If you want another c-section, get pregnant. I'll take a vaginal birth please.

6. Don't get mad when pregnancy hormones get out of control (like in this blog post for instance). I can't control them but I do my best. If I cry because I want to have a ceasar wrap and hang out with my hubby instead of being confined to the couch, don't try to understand it, just go with it. My mood swings don't make sense to me, they sure as hell won't make sense to you.

7. Do nice things for pregnant people. Hold doors, pick the crap up that they are constantly dropping, rub their back/legs/feet whatever, help them get off the couch and out of the car. You have no idea how uncomfortable and difficult these things are at 30+ weeks.

8. My appetite is much like my mood swings - I don't understand it or plan it, it just happens.

9. Do something really nice in those last few weeks. Every day I survive being pregnant I feel like I deserve a medal. Sciatic nerve pain, shingles, contractions, swelling, mood swings, constipation and all the other fun stuff make the days a little long...

10. Tell pregnant people they're beautiful, even when they're not.

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