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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I see dust. It's unacceptable.

Holy cow... yesterday I was fine and dandy with the state of things and then, last night as I was crawling into bed Derek said something along the lines of, "Just think, could only be 21 days before she gets here." and WHAM! My brain instantly starts freaking out over getting things ready... I know the logic isn't there, I have cleaned out this house twice since finding out I was pregnant but that was months ago! The problem is being on bedrest makes it damn near impossible to do anything on my own. I will find a way people... have no doubt about that. What's that superpower called when you can move stuff with your mind? I'm going to go get that and clean from the couch. Don't worry Addison - this house will be SPOTLESS for your arrival. Mommy promises.

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