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Friday, May 1, 2009

That'll teach me...

to claim it's a good start to the weekend before quitting time...

1. My PB&J sandwich got left in my bag this morning as a result of a last minute parent conference. When I pulled it out at lunch time, all the jelly had oozed out the bottom and 1/2 my sandwich was marinating in strawberry stickiness. I ate it anyway, as I have no other food available and am starving. Then I thought I would finish off the orange that has been staring at me all day... annnnd it's gross. It has no flavor and it's got a really weird texture. So much for lunch today. My only consolation here is that I know I get a delish dinner tonight... but still, that's 6 hours away and I'm STARVING.

2. To solve this problem, I raided the assortment of itty bitty snacks that I have stashed in my closet. It's really bad for your self-esteem when the only thing that sounds appealing at all are called, "Scooby Snacks". Ouch.

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