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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Is there a "swine cold" floating around out there?

Ugh. When I woke up yesterday I knew it wasn't good... there is a very subtle difference between feeling like crap because of my allergies in the morning (because I can't take my allergy meds while pregnant) and coming down with a cold. I got up early, ate breakfast (this kid is on a schedule - I may want to sleep until 10 but s/he is hungry at 6am...) cleaned house, and by 11 o'clock we were out the door and off to the grocery store. I told Derek on the way there that I wasn't feeling so good and by the time we got home I had a full-blown headache, runny/stuffy nose, watery eyes, stuffy ears, major sore throat cold going on. I've been taking vitamin C like it's going out of style and I will be visiting the store again today to find some safe cold medicine. I have so much crap I want to do today and now I'll be confined to the couch per Dr. Derek. At least I got a new video game yesterday - first one in YEARS - and I can become a pro at MotoSport Pacific Rim Racing... Then I can kick Derek's butt later :) I'm going to make some tea so that maybe I can actually swallow something nutritious... Wash your hand people, this post might be contagious.

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