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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One thing you never want to see...

is your baby in a hospital gown.

Addison had her barium enema today to check for Hirschsprung disease. She couldn't eat for four hours before the procedure so I woke her up at 4am for her morning feeding. We got to the hospital at 8:45, checked in, and headed to radiology. They put her in a little gown, put us in lead suits, and then proceeded to stick a tube the size of a pencil up my daughters bum. Once they had it in and secured with what looked like an entire roll of medical tape, they brought in the doctor and pumped her full of the barium solution. The entire procedure took an hour and the whole time Addison was screaming and crying and Derek and I could only stand there and watch - it was the most awful feeling ever. Once it was over and we got her cleaned up, dressed, and out into the waiting room where I fed her the bottle she had been wanting. We got home and it was like all of my energy ran out at once - I think the stress and anxiety took it's toll on me as much as it did her! We all crawled into bed and slept for a few hours before her next feeding. Now we have to wait around for a call from the doctor to tell us what, if anything, they saw. I'm hoping it's nothing but at the same time I want it to be something that we can fix so she isn't so miserable. I'll post more when we know more...

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