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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Doctor Appointment Update...

Derek and I took Addison in for her two month well child check today... The good news is that her height and weight are staying on track, although she is still small compared to other babies her age. She's 9 lbs. 3 ounces and 21 3/4-inches long. Her reflux seems to be under control - we had to take her off the meds a week and a half ago (she's still constipated, more on that in a minute) and started sleeping her in the Nap Nanny. We also got some gripe water today that we'll start trying to see if it helps her tummy. She doesn't seem to be suffering from the reflux pain as much anymore - she's not arching and screaming like she was doing a few weeks ago. She is spitting up more but it doesn't seem to upset her and it's not in excess. She also got her first round of vaccines at this appointment and she let us know (LOUD AND CLEAR) that she did not appreciate the pokes. I have never heard my child make that loud and high pitched of a sound - it was awful to see her in pain and not be able to help her.

Now for the not so good news... she is still constipated. She pooped three times on Saturday and then nothing again until this morning. We've tried suppositories and prune juice and we still aren't having any luck. There is no reason for her to be backed up - breastfed babies aren't supposed to get constipated. Leave it to my child to defy medical theory... So, the doctor stuck her finger up Addison's bum (and we got another dose of ear piercing screaming) and discovered that there IS poop up there, it's just not wanting to come out. She has a new prescription to try now (I'm leery because I blame the problem on the reflux meds so I hate to give her anything else but I don't have any other options...). We are supposed to see a major change within a week... if we don't we'll be seeing a specialist. The doctor mentioned two major medical issues that we would test for that have me totally freaked out - Hirschsprung Disease and MS were the two that were brought up and both are going to keep me awake at night until we get this figured out. My mind gets going a million miles an hour and I worry that something will be wrong with her - there is not history of MS on Derek's side of the family but since I'm adopted we have no idea what genetic surprises I may have given her. Not only would it be terrifying for her to have something and I'd never forgive myself it it was my fault that she did but then I would also know that I could come down with it too. Ugh... let's not go there unless we have no other choice... We gave the first dose of laxative about twenty minutes ago so just start praying that things work themselves out...

Here are some silly pics of her in her new hat before her appointment today... my little cutie :)

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  1. she is precious....I just love that hat!! I will say a prayer that the new medicine helps!!


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