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Monday, November 9, 2009

8 Weeks Old...

Length: 21 3/4-inches
Weight: 9 pounds 3 ounces
Feeding Schedule: She's still taking 4 ounces every three hours (except at night). We took her off the Prevacid because we suspected that was causing her constipation. After being off it for a week and taking prune juice in almost every bottle for a week, we FINALLY got some good poops!! I hope things continue moving along in this area, she's a much happier baby when she can poop... :)
Sleeping Schedule: I should have posted this last night because then I could have bragged that she had slept through the night EVERY night since we got the Nap Nanny... but I should know better than to brag. Derek took the "night shift" for the weekend and our darling daughter slept through the night Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights... from 9:30pm until after 6:30am. So last night when we crawled into bed I was thrilled to know that I'd be sleeping at least eight hours. Imagine my surprise when a tiny person was screaming at the top of her lungs at midnight, then again at three, and AGAIN at 6am. WTF??? I'm trying not to take it personally...
Milestones: Two whole months old... wow. Let's see... she's smiling all the time, has laughed at Derek but I missed it, can hold her head up like a champ, is starting to push up on her arms, and WAS sleeping through the night ::grumble:: As for me :) I can fit into my Nordy jeans (WAHOO) and I had a few drinks at dinner the other night (I am now a total light-weight...)
Parenting Wisdom: Enjoy maternity leave and take as much as you can. I'm down to less than three weeks left and I'm absolutely DREADING going back to work...


  1. I only took 6 weeks off & regret my decision; even though I bring Brayden to work with me I still had so much to learn :)

  2. i hope your dr. appointment went well. it sure is frustrating. thanks for your post!! don't ya wish we could just give them pepto and it would be all better? ;)


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