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Monday, November 2, 2009

7 Weeks Old...

Addison got to hang out with my favorite furry friends on Halloween day... Just wait, I'll have her in the saddle (or carriage) in no time!! :)
Length: Longer than when she was born :)
Weight: 9 ish pounds...
Feeding Schedule: She's eating about 4 ounces every three hours with a quarter ounce of prune juice mixed in to combat the constipation problem we've been having. I went off dairy for a week and there was no change so ::big cheesy grin:: I can eat dairy again... We're also trying to wean her off her Prevacid because it's the culprit of the constipation and we'd rather not be medicating her if we can help it. We're on day two with no meds and so far so good... and an added bonus - she pooped today!!
Sleeping Schedule: We are slowly approaching 8 hours of sleep people... ::breaks into song and dance:: Having her on a schedule each night has really helped... She goes down between 9pm and 10pm and sleeps through until 4am. Unfortunatley she's wide awake at 4am and wants to chit-chat all morning but I'll take that over 2 hours catnaps...
Milestones: Her first holiday!!! Happy Halloween!!
Parenting Wisdom: You simply cannot appreciate the concept of "sleeping all night" until you have a baby. I would rather have 12 hours of uninterupted sleep than a new car or sparkly diamonds anyday.

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  1. She is so cute & good luck with figuring out what is causing her belly issue!


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