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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Children's Hospital Update

We made the over-and-back trip to Seattle today for Addison's appointment at Children's Hospital. It went really well and I think that Derek and I will both rest a lot easier now that she's been seen by a specialist. Here are the details - they are opting to not do the biopsy for Hirshsprung's as of now because it's invasive and carries a lot of risks. Addison only meets a few of the criteria for it and as long as things don't get any worse they will spare her the painful test. The doctor did find a "dimple" in her butt-crack (oh, someday she'll hate me for posting that online) that they want to check out a bit more. Apparently there is a (very small) chance that the spinal cord didn't fuse properly and that the nerves in that area aren't working which would cause constipation. She said they see the dimples a lot and most of the time it's nothing but she wants to have it x-rayed just to be sure. We'll have the x-ray done here in town because we didn't want to wait around for three hours to have it done there. The barium enema that we had done last week ruled out a lot of possibilities - no obstructions or anything like that. As far as the pooping (or lack thereof) she told us to continue with the laxative that she's on - it's not a strong prescription (basically just sugar) that keeps fluid in the intestines. If it's helping, keep giving it. We're also supposed to give glycerin suppositories every day for a week to get things moving and then just as needed from there on out. The thought is that once we introduce solids and she starts getting fiber she'll grow out of this phase and start pooping regularly. It was a long trip just to hear that everything is probably fine but I feel better knowing that we pursued it and that she was seen by the best. I would have felt awful if we'd ignored it and then it turned out to be something serious. I'm calling to schedule the x-ray tomorrow and once we hear back about that I'll post an update again...

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  1. I will keep you guys in my thoughts & prayers.....Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


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