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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Yesterday I frolicked. Twice.

And once again this morning. Allow me to explain myself...

First, after weeks of constipation and horrid tummy troubles - ADDISON POOPED! Not once, not twice, but three glorious, stinky, disgusting poops in one day!!! We took her off the reflux meds last week, started using the Nap Nanny, and added prune juice to her milk for a week and finally it seems we it figured out. So, after changing the third poopy diaper and getting a big, goofy grin from my daughter - I danced around the house with her singing the "clean pants dance" song (made up in the wee hours of the night weeks ago... but it's fun to sing)... That's right, I frolicked because of poop.

Then, a few short hours later, Derek and I were getting ready to go out for dinner with some friends at Tony's Steakhouse (which alone is cause for frolicking...) and I decided to try on my Nordstrom jeans. Here's the backstory: In January I was in Seattle for an educator's conference and did some serious shopping while I was there. I dropped a load of money on some awesome designer jeans, had them hemmed to the perfect length, and LOVED them... unbeknownst to me, I was two weeks pregnant and very quickly grew out of them. My entire weight loss program has been built around getting back into those jeans. A few weeks ago I couldn't even pull them up past my hips but last night I decided to give it a try... AND THEY FIT PERFECTLY!!!!!. So, I ran around the house screaming and jumping and, yes, frolicking because my Nordy jeans fit again!!

And then, this morning, as icing on the cake... I GOT MY TICKETS FOR THE NEW MOON PREMIERE!!!! I'm going with a friend from work and a bunch of students (just like last year) to the showing of Twilight at 9pm and New Moon at midnight...

::frolics off to take a shower::

Who knows... maybe I'll get to frolic after the Seahawks win this afternoon... okay, that might be pushing it :)

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  1. Horray for you......what an amazing weekend you have had!!


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