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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

State of the Uterus (Update)

I went back to see Dr. H today... here's the deal...

Cervix: Didn't get checked today - assuming it's still doing what it's supposed to.

Contractions: The meds seem to have them under control when I'm home doing NOTHING. If I go out or am up and around the house too much they come right back. After a morning trip to Zillah on Monday I suffered with almost constant contractions for the rest of the day. I got the okay to go to my baby showers but that's pretty much it. No chores, no water aerobics, no nothing until after 36 weeks.

Tests: No tests today but we listened to her heartbeat and she's happy as a clam in there. We have an ultrasound scheduled for 8/31 to check position and baby's size.

Verdict: Bed rest until September 1st (36 weeks) and continuing the pills until then. Before I start bitching, let me just say I'm thankful she's still in there and I'll suffer through anything if it means keeping her cooking longer... that being said - I'm miserable. I'm lonely and bored (I do get company next week, so there is a bright spot in my future) but for the most part I lay on the couch and play Bejeweled on the computer. I have lesson plans to do but I've been procrastinating because I'm sick of working on them. Add to that the fact that my pills make me feel icky and I have the most excruciating rib/underboob pain that you can imagine. It brings me to tears at least once a day and nothing helps. I've asked doctor and he's got no idea... it feels like I'm being burned and ripped in half at the same time. I hate complaining to Derek because I feel like such a cry-baby but it's enough to drive a person insane.

Baby's Position: Still transverse, although she tried to move to head down last night and I thought I was going to die from the pain... it could be a really long two months.

Next appointment is in two weeks...

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