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Friday, July 3, 2009

Making Progress...

I may complain a lot about things around here being half done all the time, but in reality, my to-do list is shrinking rapidly. This morning, Derek and I were in the garage by 7am building a workbench and storage area for his stuff in the garage. It's not 100% finished, we need to add one shelf and tomorrow morning, before the heat gets unbearable, we'll organize and sweep the rest of the garage. Over the weekend, my parents worked like slaves to build one of our two deck railings and to sew curtains and crib bedding for Addison's room. We are also waiting to put on one last coat of varnish on a dresser/TV stand that Derek has been refinishing for our bedroom, will be painting Addison's dresser tomorrow, and this week we'll be painting and cutting the trim to put on the shed. We've made a lot of progress and I wanted to post some pictures as proof :) I promise to post more as the jobs get finished...

A small, but organized corner in our garage!!

The nursery is a work in progress... we have curtains, a bed skirt, wall letters, and the crib bumper is under construction as we speak...

One of the two deck railings that my dad is building us....

Addison's dresser... being repainted since it's 27 years old and started it's life in MY nursery...

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