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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

::scratches items off big to-do list::

Yesterday I ventured out into the world and interviewed a potential daycare provider. She was super nice and I felt really comfortable with her which made the decision really easy. Thankfully, Addison now has somewhere to go when I go back to work!!

I also found out that while I am on bedrest I qualifty for my short term disability benifits so I need to get that paperwork started - it would be great to be able to stash some extra cash away before she gets here!

Annnnd... for the grand finale - we ordered out stroller today (I found a place with free shipping) and it should be here within a week or so!! Now we just need the carseat adapter and the Pack-n-Play and we'll be ready(ish) for this kid to show up!! Horray!!

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