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Monday, July 13, 2009

Love and marriage...

I was laying in bed this morning (procrastinating because I didn't want to wake up and get ready at 7:30am...) thinking about how much life can change in a few short months or years. I don't know if I got an overdose of the happy hormone when I got pregnant or if Derek is just being extra great because I'm slowly morphing into a helpless, super sized version of myself, but I have never been happier in my marriage than I am right now. Things are just the way I would want them to be - we have our alone time, we see our families, we're going through this miracle of pregnancy together and it has brought us so much closer than I could have imagined. We had our share of rough patches in the last eight years and we've both made mistakes that we regret but I don't think we could be in the place we are now without the bumpy road that brought us here. I'm not disillusioned, I know that once Addison gets here it's going to be tough - no sleep, no money, no time... but I can go into that without doubts when I know that at the foundation, we have something this strong and this great.

I <3 my hubby... "oddles and oddles" as we say in our house...

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