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Monday, July 20, 2009

Poooooor Derek...

I know in the beginning he thought this nesting crap was a phase... then he realized it was here to stay and he decided to roll up his sleeves and help out... and now, I'm useless and on the couch and the only way for me to nest is vicariously through him. That poor man has been working his butt off for weeks and everytime he finishes one project, I "suggest" another one and he's off and running. He's being the best sport ever about it - no complaining and when I change my mind mid-project, he just goes with the flow. I couldn't have married a better man... Here is some of his handywork from the last few weeks...

First we have our new TV stand/dresser in our bedroom... We got it from one of Derek's aunts and it was in pretty sad shape. Derek sanded it, restained it about 100 times to get it to match our currect bedroom furniture, and put on new knobs... pretty spiffy, huh?

Addison's dresser (which, 28 years ago, started out as my dresser). It had to be sanded and repainted but the knobs are the original ones...

The glider for the nursery is still under construction but the main part is done. The foot rest still needs to be painted and the cushions are going to be recovered in fabric that matches the nursery (although I haven't picked it out yet)...

The deck is almost done!!! A few weeks ago Derek put up the decorative beams and we hung the sun shades before his birthday BBQ... now all that's left is one railing!

There should have been a "before" picture to make you appreciate how much has been done in the garage. Derek and I built a work bench a few weeks ago and we're going to add a few more shelves in the future but for the most part it's finished and (when there isn't a glider in the way) we can fit both cars in again!!

The shed is done!!! Last night Derek put the last pieces of trim on it and was out painting until after 9pm. I think it looks awesome!

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