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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Break


I'm home.

I don't understand how a week at work can go so agonizingly (is that a word??) slow and a week on vacation can go so friggin' fast! It seems like yesterday I was packing my bags and now I'm back on my couch, blogging about life and vacation. I don't approve when life goes so fast - and I haven't found the "pause" button that I've been looking for.

I had a great time - I shopped too much, ate WAY too much, and got to hang out with my parents for one uninterrupted week. I sat down and tried to write a play by play of what we did and I just deleted it all... it didn't sound like me. So here it is in a nutshell (lol... laugh if you watch Austin Powers, and if you don't, just look confused). I shopped - for me, for baby, for Derek, for random things that I could only justify buying while on vacation. I ate - more often and more food than I realistically needed (we won't talk about weight gain this week). I took pictures but found out that in my current state I'm not a fan of being the subject of those pictures. And, just to make sure I don't get the travel bug and take off on a globetrotting mission - Southwest Airlines pissed me off enough for three vacations today.

But my favorite part of any vacation is always coming home. There is something about being away from everything that is familiar and comfortable that makes you appreciate it so much more. After we got home, Derek and I curled up in bed and watch the Final Four tourney and just enjoyed being together. Then, we made a yummy dinner, watched "Marley and Me" and bawled our eyes out, and now I'm about to hang out with Ben and Jerry (hey, I need calcium - I'm growing a human!) and then go to bed and sleep in blissfully late.

As always, the captions go with the picture above it - but blogger makes it look goofy...

My 14 1/2 week belly shot at Tempe Town Lake...

Look, I'm taller than a tree!!!
(If anyone makes a comment about the tree being dead, I'll throw a shoe at you.)

The beginning of Bright Angel Trail... not something you'll find me hiking in this lifetime!

Mom and Dad - hanging out in the gift shop.

Of course, I had to pose with the canyon.

Aren't they cute :)

You have no idea how hard I had to work to stay balanced on this branch!!

Family photo...

We are hermits. We needed a rest. They built us a monument.

Hopi Point at sunset

I finally got to travel on Route 66!!! Mater would be so proud :)
We stopped to get breakfast at the Red Garter in Williams on Route 66 - it used to be a brothel back in it's glory days... Where else would you want to eat breakfast?

Inside the Red Garter

Hmm... can you tell it was windy?? My hairstyle rocks!
Okay, I'm posting this with the screwy formatting issues - blogger is having a seizure tonight and it keeps quadruple spacing everything!!

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