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Monday, April 13, 2009

Welcome to the Craptastic Buffet...

Sometimes, when things are going really well, or in this case, really crappy - I tend to think in "blog". I've always written my thoughts when I needed to vent, so when I get really upset things tend to organize my thoughts in blog titles... so, on my way home tonight the image of dining at a "crap" buffet came to mind. Bare with me... (and as an English teacher, I had to confer with Derek about the correct spelling of "bare" in that usage).

Picture this...

Stefani walks into the Craptastic Buffet, starving for something big. She picks up a plate and starts to load up... how about an annoying pregnancy comment salad, a rack of botched home improvement projects, a bowl of WASL testing, a heaping scoop of low self esteem, and a big glass of intense back pain to wash it all down.

I haven't even gotten to dessert yet.


So, let me list the things that have gone wrong recently...

1. Inappropriate weight comments/belly touching.

It bothers me that being pregnant makes my weight and body parts fair game. Keep your hands to yourself unless you are close family and keep your comments to yourself no matter who you are.

2. My big to-do list

It has been a big FAIL so far. Bathroom painting - screwed up and goofy looking. Sprinklers - a day long job turned week long project. French doors - must wait until NEXT weekend. Spring cleaning - just not working out the way I had planned so far. I intend to fix that tomorrow.


It sucks. Preparing for it, giving it, dealing with the two week hiatus from productivness, all of it.

4. Low self esteem.

See pregnancy comments - add in hormones and ill-fitting clothes. I cried when I got ready for church on Easter because looking in the mirror makes me miserable.

5. Back Pain.

Somehow in the midst of all this craptasticness - I managed to tweak my back. Thankfully, I have a rockin' awesome neighbor who was willing to sneak me in for a massage tonight so at least one of my problems is in the process of being fixed.


I'm eating dinner, taking a bath, and going to bed. Let's hope for a better tomorrow.

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