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Monday, April 20, 2009

Isn't It Ironic??

I think it's so strange how, as kids, we spend all our time dreaming about being older. We want to do all these great things that are reserved for "adults" and we wait impatientally until we finally qualify as "grown-ups". Then, we get to be grown-ups and realize, life was never better than it was when we were kids. Sure, it rocks to be able to stay out late, not eat veggies, and leave the bed unmade for weeks on end - but does that really compare to knowing that someone else is responsible for paying the bills, keeping you safe, and providing for you???

::deep sigh::

I think I'm stressing about knowing that someone is coming into this world who will depend totally on me and Derek... I had nightmares last night about being totally unprepared and being an awful parent... I think life was easier when my biggest worry was whether or not I finished my homework!!

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