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Friday, January 1, 2010

I hate New Year's resolutions...

because they're just begging to be broken. But I love fresh starts, new beginnings, and do-overs so every year I start out with some goals for the coming months... I always break them into categories (because I'm anal and OCD and I like organized lists. Humor me, it's MY blog.).

  • Maintain my weight loss - I'm down to 122 and into a size 3/4 jean which is where I want to be. Now that I've lost the weight (burning 500+ calories a day breastfeeding is AWESOME) I just need to keep it off when I wean Addison in a few months.
  • Workout - I'm not going to be unrealistic and say I'm going to workout every day for an hour and have a rock hard body by June. By the time I get home from work, cook dinner, do housework, and entertain the baby it's time for bed. However, if I can work out 3-4 times a week (30 Day Shred is my fav) and take the baby and dog for a walk whenever the weather permits, I'd be doing pretty good. I'd like to get the Wii fit so I can do some yoga or Pilate's as well, I may have lost the weight but I'm a long way from toned up and firm.
  • Eat healthier - I do pretty good here as it is but there is definitely room for improvement. I need to make sure to take my vitamins every day, I need to drink more water, and I need eat more fruits and veggies. My biggest challenge is to cut out some of the carbs that I LOVE. I also need to make sure to have something for breakfast before work (other than coffee) and pack a healthy lunch for work. I want to continue trying new recipes and new foods so that Addison is exposed to LOTS of different foods. I also want to try to start eating fish ::gags:: every once in a while because I know it's good for me.


  • Attend church every Sunday - I started going last year and then after I got pregnant, sleeping and not throwing up became a priority and church got moved down the list. I miss going and I would like to try and attend every Sunday. I might even consider getting involved with one of the groups there and trying to meet some women my age. That last part might be a stretch but we'll see.
  • Keep up on housework - Our house is usually pretty clean but with Addison sometimes I get behind on my housework. I need to make sure I take 15 minutes every night after she goes to bed to pick up and put stuff away. I'm still trying to figure out a cleaning schedule - cleaning every night is awful so I'm thinking of going back to cleaning on the weekend and doing it all at once.


  • Maintain a zero balance on all credit cards - They are all paid off and I just need to make sure that if we use one during the month that we continue to pay if off at the end of the month.
  • Contribute to my IRA each month - When I got pregnant I stopped contributing because I had to save as much as possible for maternity leave. Now I need to get back into the habit of saving each month.
  • Save a minimum of $200 per month for emergencies.
  • Pay off one student loan - I have a summer quarter loan for about $3000 and I want to get it paid off this year.
  • Limit my personal spending to $100 a month - I usually pay all my bills and then if I have extra (after savings) I see it as free game. I need to limit my spending to $100 and whatever is left over needs to go into SAVINGS (not Sephora =])


  • Start my ProCert and Master's program - ::ugh:: I just want to get it over with and I know that I won't be trying to get pregnant in the next year so if I can just get it done with that would be great.
  • Continue developing the curriculum for Language Arts - ::double ugh:: I would like to have at least six solid unit plans done by the end of the year for each grade level. That way I won't have nearly as much to prepare for next year.

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