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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A work in progress...


Maintain my weight loss
- I'm down to 119 pounds and holding steady...

Workout - I worked out... once.. ::sheepish grin:: I guess you could say there's room for improvement there... I'm hopelessly stuck on Level 1 of the shred. It's just so stinking hard to find the time!

Eat healthier - I've been doing okay here. I take my vitamins everyday, drink an Emergen-C, drink water and herbal tea instead of coffee, and eat pretty healthy. The only thing that's been a challenge is that I'm trying to clear out our freezer and use up what we have so finding healthy meals isn't always easy. Once we get rid of some of the 'crap' we've been hoarding, I'm going to be better about buying healthier stuff...


Attend church every Sunday - I've gone once. I just hate going alone and Derek isn't interested. Plus, sleeping in for a little bit on Sunday's is priceless.

Keep up on housework - I've done really well on this (until this week). I've gotten into a schedule of cleaning on Saturday mornings while Derek watches Addison. For the first three weeks of the month I do a light cleaning (dust, vacuum, clean bathrooms, etc.) and on the last weekend of the month I do a 'deep clean' where I vacuum furniture and get into every nook and cranny. So far it's working out okay and the clutter isn't driving me insane. I still do laundry as soon as we have a load so it doesn't pile up because I HATE doing laundry...


Maintain a zero balance on all credit cards - Done.

Contribute to my IRA each month - Done.

Save a minimum of $200 per month for emergencies - Done.

Pay off one student loan - I only made my minimum payment in January... I'm starting to think it's more important to just dump that extra cash into savings instead of paying off a stupid loan...

Limit my personal spending to $100 a month - ::sheepish grin:: Okay, I knew this one would be tough... I blew it this month... badly. Looking at the bank statements I'm thinking I spent around $400. I can defend it a million different ways but it's still 4 times what I was supposed to spend. The sad thing is, I was actually practising restraint this month... :(


Start my ProCert and Master's program
- I am currently in the process of applying to grad school at City University of Seattle. It's looking like a spring semester start for me... whoo-pee.

Continue developing the curriculum for Language Arts - I have three unit plans done for each grade level... two more to go.

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