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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

When all else fails, make a list...

Okay... I'm trying so hard to choose between two online schools for my Master's Degree. Option #1 is City University of Seattle. Option #2 is University of Phoenix. I want to get my Master's in Education - with a focus on Reading and Literacy. Both of these schools have pros and cons and it's so hard to decide which one is the right choice. So, just like anything else in my life, I'm going to make a list and hope that the answer presents itself... Here we go...

Both schools are about the same cost, offer the same degree, have the same format, take the same amount of time to complete, and have the same entrance requirements. Neither school knows if they will be able to apply my ProTeach portfolio credits to my Masters and they won't know for some time...

City University:

  • Located in state
  • Has the program that I'm interested in
  • Is less expensive
  • Courses are much more interesting and seem like material that would be useful and new
  • Have to complete the program with a cohort - no breaks or time off when I want it
  • The admissions people haven't been as helpful or forthcoming as my other option
  • Can't double up on classes during the summer - one at a time for two years
  • Have to buy textbooks each semester
University of Phoenix:

  • Has the program I'm interested in
  • Can start the program at any time - no cohort
  • Can take breaks in-between classes if I want to
  • Can double up during the summer and take 2 classes at a time
  • Books are included in tuition and all online
  • Requires fewer credits and because of doubling up I could be done in a year and a half
  • Out of state
  • Class list doesn't seem as applicable or interesting as City U
  • Is more expensive

I'm leaning toward City U because of the classes... but I'm still not sure.


  1. List are great and sometimes talking to those who know best is even better! I might be able to help you calrify some of your thoughts~ feel free to call me.

    Krissy Jones
    M.Ed. R&L Coordinator
    CityU of Seattle


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