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Monday, October 12, 2009

Family Weekend...

What a weekend!! Friday morning Derek and I loaded the car (literally) with all of Addison's stuff and a few bags of our own. We headed off toward Seattle around noon and made a few stops along the way. We had lunch at Pita Pit in Ellensburg (my FAVORITE place to get lunch... chicken Cesar pita = deliciousness) and then stopped in North Bend to some shopping. I found a pair of jeans that fit (for now, I hope they're too big for me in the very near future...) and a few things for Addison. We were lucky enough to stay with some friends of my parents who had a full apartment in their basement. We spent the night visiting with my parents and Bob and Diane and chowing on Chinese food.

Saturday morning my mom and I ventured off the Bellevue Square Mall for some early morning shopping. I raided Sephora and found some steals at American Eagle and then we headed back to get ready for the baby shower.

The shower started at 2:00 and we spent the next three hours visiting, eating, and playing with the cutest baby gifts :) Addison got spoiled rotten not only with gifts but she was held and cuddled during the entire shower. It was so great to have a chance to see my family - I haven't seen some of them since I got married!! After the shower we headed back to Bob and Diane's for dinner and Addison ALMOST slept through the night that evening! We went to bed at 10:15pm and she didn't wake up for food until after 5am!! We haven't had a repeat performance yet but now I have hope!

Sunday morning we got up early, got ready, packed the car, and headed for Everett. Addison was baptized at our church there (Immanuel Lutheran) and it was such a special day for us. It's the same church where I was baptized and confirmed and it's where Derek and I (and most of my family) were married. Addison was really (REALLY) angry before the service started because she woke up hungry just as we were getting her into her gown. Derek got her calmed down just in time for church to start but when Pastor was pouring the water on her head she let out a howl to let us know she wasn't too pleased. We had to take her out of church after that and feed her (and change her clothes because I was terrified that she'd spit up on my great-great grandma's baptism gown) so our family pictures have her in jeans and a polka dotted shirt after church. I'll put her back in the gown sometime soon and get some pictures when she isn't screaming her lungs out.

After church we drove up to Shelter Bay for my great uncle's 90th birthday party. We were only able to stay a few hours but we got to visit some more with family and spend some time on the waterfront. We started home around 3:30pm and stopped in Everett to visit my Grandma Cushman. She was really excited to see Addison and it was special to have four generations of Cushmans all together in one picture. We stayed with her for about an hour and then started over the pass and toward home. We got stuck in some nasty traffic on the pass and it took us an extra hour of driving time to get back. We're exhausted but it was a great weekend that meant a lot to us... now we need to hang out with my parents before they head off for Arizona tomorrow morning...

Addison's cake and snack table... mmmmm.
Aunt Dee and Maiko...
Kimberly and Aunt Judy...
Aunt Linda and Aunt Janet (getting loves from Addison)...
Lisa, Aunt Dee (with Addison), Mom, and Maiko...
Kristi, Diane, Donna, and Aunt Linda...
Gloria, Lisa, Aunt Dee, Addison, Maiko, and Sharon...
Me, making silly faces, as usual...
A little cuddle time before I had to share her :)
Derek, Addison, and I just before the baptism... she was less than pleased. :)After church...
Derek, Addison, Pastor Heck and I...Tweedy Family
Grandma Cushman, Addison, and I

Four generations of Cushmans...

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