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Thursday, October 22, 2009

All I can think about is poop.

How sad is that?

I guess that's when you know you have made the switch and become a parent - suddenly, someone else's bowel movements are the main focus of your day.

Case in point - Addison had not pooped in seven days. She has the most horrendous gas (who knew someone so small could produce such foul smelling toots??) and screams in pain when she tries to fart, which lately seems to be for hours on end.

Here's the problem... a few weeks ago we started the rice cereal and then went three long days without a poop. I spoke with the pediatrician and was reassured that breastfed babies can go a week or two without pooping and be perfectly fine. So, when we noticed it had been a day, then two, then four without a poop we decided to be brave and wait it out without calling the pediatrician. Now we're on day seven and we spend our days alternating between a sleeping baby and a screaming baby. So this morning, after an hour straight of red-faced screaming, I gave in and called the doctors office. I was fully prepared for the normal, "just wait it out" response that I got a little panicked when the nurse instructed me to do "rectal stimulation". Um, what??? So, being the good parents that we are, we followed the nurses instructions, lubed up a rectal thermometer, and spent four long minutes holding it up our poor baby's bum. In theory, this was supposed to stimulate her to push and, TA-DA, she was supposed to poop. Since however, she is her mothers child and seems to have inherited my bowels, we got nothing. Not even a stinky fart. So now, Derek is preparing to go pick up an infant suppository from the pharmacy to see if that works. If it doesn't, we have been instructed to call the office at 8am tomorrow and go in for an appointment.

Every time I think I'm finally doing something right on the parenting front it backfires in my face! Grr. I feel awful that I let her get to seven days being in pain and now we have to resort to "rectal stimulation" to get a poop out! More poop news (or lack thereof) to come...

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  1. Good luck with the suppository today...that is what we were going to have to do for our little man today if nothing happened but thank the lord he finally pooped!! I will keep my fingers cross that you all get some much needed relief soon!


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