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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lessons in Parenthood...

I suppose every first time parent goes through the same thing - everyone you know gives you advice and wisdom on how to care for your baby and what's "normal" but you get so much information that you end up forgetting it all. Addison scared us last night with what we thought was diarrhea and vomiting but after a call to the doctor's office we discovered that she's just getting too much milk and spitting up (not vomiting) and that because she's drinking breast milk she has very, um, liquidity poo. I'm sure somewhere along the way someone told us to expect that but it seems to be in the chunk of information my brain chose not to retain. So... if we could just keep her awake long enough to breastfeed and get full we'd have our current set of challenges all fixed up. I'm sure it's a never-ending cycle, we'll figure this part out and have a new set of concerns and questions. Welcome to parenthood, right?

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