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Thursday, September 3, 2009

37 Week Update

You'd have to fake a smile too if your feet were this swollen...
How far along? 37 weeks... only 21 days to go!
Maternity clothes? Yes
Stretch marks? ::sigh:: Derek was kind enough to point out that some have indeed arrived.
Sleep: If getting up every two hours to pee, having contractions that make you cry, and not being able to get comfortable counts as sleep, then yea it's wonderful. I find it funny that other parents keep telling us to enjoy all the sleep we're getting... it makes me wonder if they remember the third trimester at all??
Best moment this week: Our ultrasound... seeing that Addison is head down, still a girl and looking healthly made me feel so great. Getting off bed rest and meds and hearing that we have the go-ahead to deliver was an added bonus.
Movement: She's slowing down but there are tiny feet that are always sticking out just under my ribs.
Food cravings: Eh, none really this week...
Gender: Still a girl!!
Belly Button: Still flat... I don't think I'm going to get a pokey outy one...
Labor Signs: Braxon Hicks contractions all day and night but they aren't getting regular or stronger so I guess I just have to suffer. I do think that she is in the process of dropping, my belly feels lower and I can actually feel a couple of rib bones which hasn't happened in forever. I also have to pee every hour and my digestive track is, well, not happy. I hear that's a good sign.
What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach, my ankle bones, horseback riding, and my skinny jeans.
What I am looking forward to: Derek having two long weekends in a row... and of course, delivering this baby!
Weekly Wisdom: If you can survive 37 weeks of pregnancy, you can probably make it for 3 more. Hang in there.

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  1. I love your tummy pics :) And, your blog page is adorable!


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