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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pregnancy + Swimsuit = Low Self-Esteem

But even though I dreaded (there isn't a strong enough word) putting on that damn swimsuit today, once I was in the water (and out of the wind) I did feel quite sea-creature-like. That's not to say that there weren't a few "AH!" moments along the way - changing in a public locker room when your gut sticks out so far that you can't see you own toes is not a good way to start the morning... but I made it to the pool and once I got in and got moving it actually felt pretty good. We did our little aerobics routine for about an hour (I added to the workout by fighting with my ill-fitting swimsuit the whole time) and when we hauled our butts out of the pool, I really did feel like I actually got a workout. I have to go 12 more times to make the $59 price tag worth it, but as the weather gets nicer and as summer drags on with nothing fun for me to do - I doubt that'll be a problem.

Now I need a snack... :p

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