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Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm too fat to do yardwork...


I have a list. If you know me, you know that I LIVE by lists and that being able to accomplish something and cross it off is on par with getting sparkly gifts for no reason at all. My summer was supposed to be about accomplishing the grand "to do" list. I was going to break it up, work on a project a week, and then ::presto change-o:: by the end of summer - all of my projects would be done and I'd be ready for baby to arrive. My lofty goal this week was to tear out two shrubs in the front flowerbed that I HATE and get that area ready for some replacements and to organize the garage. I started plucking these shrubs last week but realized they were more deeply rooted than I had originally thought and pawned off the chore on Derek. He pulled and sprayed them and all that was left (in theory) was to dig out the root ball and pull the remaining stragglers. So, I went for my walk, worked out, cleaned our bedroom and bathroom (Derek has demanded that I start cleaning one room a day instead of going for my marathon cleaning on Fridays because I get so worn out), watched Regis and Kelly and then headed out to tackle these two, supposedly dead, harmless plants. Fifteen minutes later I knew I was in trouble. I *think* I got one root ball out but only after heaving and pulling, loosing my grip and toppling over backwards. Then, I tried to get up to move to the other bush and realized that with my screwy center of gravity and nothing to grab onto - I was going to have a helluva time getting up. I'm sure the neighbors across the street were amused but after some grunting and rocking, I managed to get myself back onto my feet. I stood and stared at the second bush for a while and then, defeated, headed into the house. On the way, I stopped to look around the garage - which was going to be my master project for the week - and realized that I can no longer move the things that need to be moved in order to clean. So, I'm 0 for 2 already and it's not even noon. I'm starting to see that my bigger projects may not happen or I'll have to bribe Derek to do them (he has his own, even bigger list he's already working on) for me...

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