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Monday, June 28, 2010

Addison's Island Adventures...

Early Monday morning, I loaded up the car with enough diapers and clothes to last a week and headed west to visit my parents for a week. Derek had to work :( so it was just Addison and I on our little vacation. We stopped in North Bend for a snack and a shopping spree at the outlet mall and then headed to meet my parents at their boat. The Pacific Northwest finally got the memo that it is summer and the weather cooperated (for the most part).

We got up on Tuesday morning and headed for the beach. My dad was so excited to carry Addison in the Baby Bjorn, until he had to lug her up and down the hill to the beach - even 17 pounds gets heavy after a while! We walked along the beach and Addison got to see seagulls, clam shells, a bald eagle feather, and get sand between her toes (which she wasn't too sure about!). Grandpa rinsed her toes off in the water and she tucked her feet up so far they almost disappeared!

On Wednesday mom, Addison, and I went shopping at Alderwood... per my usual, I spent way too much, got way too much good stuff, and had way too much fun doing it. :) I do miss living on the west side when it comes to shopping...

On Thursday, we took the boat and went over to Whidbey Island to visit some friends of my parents. Addison and I walked along the beach and then settled in to enjoy some snacks. Addison tried watermelon for the first time, she loved it but wore more of it than she ate. On the way home, Grandpa let Addison drive the boat. :)

We had some firsts while we were away... first off, pulling up and standing ::points at picture below:: AHHH! She's done it several times now and she thinks it is just SO COOL to be able to stand. Especially when wearing Jellybean Striped Baby Legs. Another first was Addison's discovery of laughing. She has giggled for months now, but she just discovered that if she wants to laugh, she can, and inevitably, someone will laugh back. She was in the tub on night, tooting bubbles, and laughing at herself. I was laughing too, until she pooped in the tub.

After exploring the house, Addison decided it's still more fun to climb people... so, I snapped pictures while she schemed ways to get her hands on the camera.

Friday was my Grandma Cushman's 92nd birthday. My dad and my Aunt Judy picked her up and took her up to one of the waterfalls they used to visit as a family. Mom and I headed into town and raided Babies R Us and then stopped to get pedicures. While we were getting our toes done, we ran into Carole, our wedding planner. It was a chance meeting and it was so fun to see her!! After our toes were beautified, we drove up to Everett to meet for lunch at Applebee's. We ate lunch and visited for a while and then went to a nearby park to have cake. Addison go to go on the swings and she had so much fun!!

On Saturday, my mom and I took Addison to the beach to look for moonshells because the tide was so low. We found a few, but they were still inhabited by their snails. The first one we found was busy eating a clam. I found a little sand crab for Addison to see and she mauled it when it crawled in my hand. Thankfully, the little guy survived and Addison didn't get her first taste of seafood.

Later that day, we drove down to the duck pond to feed the ducks. Addison loved the birds and they were more than happy to snack on our bread from dinner the night before.

Sunday came all to quickly and we had to pack up and head back to the main land. I drove my parents to the airport and dropped them off for their summer long trip to Europe. It was a great to see them and get to spend a full week with them before they went off on their adventures.

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