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Monday, June 14, 2010

9 months...


Nine months. When I first got pregnant, that sounded like an eternity. I couldn't wait to meet you, to see your face, to hold you in my arms. I counted each day and week and looked forward to when that 'finish line' would appear in front of me. Then, before I knew it, you were in my arms. Now, nine months has flown by so fast that I feel like I can't even catch my breath. For the first time, you have been outside in this world longer than you were safe inside my belly. I can't really explain why, but that is a bittersweet milestone for me. I felt like up until now, you had spent more time inside me than you had in the world, and somehow that made you more 'mine'. But now the scales tip, and each day you've been outside longer... each day you get bigger, smarter, sweeter, and more like a little person and less like a helpless infant. I'm thrilled to see you thrive, to watch you discover the world around you, to see you reach for me and smile at your daddy. But I'm also sad because it's going too fast - already we're talking about your first birthday party... how can that be?? What I am thankful for is that now I get to spend almost three uninterrupted months being a mommy. My days consist of you baby girl and I'm so excited to have you all to myself for the summer.

As always, I love you peanut... more than life.

- Mommy


Here is what you've been up to lately:

Loves: Scooting! Mommy's purple coaster set! Bath time! Hanging upside down! Being outside! Skyla! Your pool! Pulling everything off the coffee table! Necklaces! Flirting with strangers!

Hates: The changing table! Nose sucky thingy! Pooping! Getting out of the tub! Seeing your bottle and not getting it right that second! Not being allowed to chew on electrical cords!

I have been told you pulled up on the coffee table and stood up, but since I wasn't here to witness it, I refuse to believe it. My baby girl isn't standing yet. No way, no how.


  1. She is getting so big & I love her little swim suite & matching hat!!

  2. Found your blog through someone else's. I am a teacher too and my litte guy is exactly 2 months younger than your gal. I enjoy reading about kids similar in age. Happy Summer. Have a blast w/ your little lady.



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