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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Home Sweet Home...

I was bored senseless cleaning my house over spring break (WHILE IT WAS SNOWING. ON SPRING BREAK. HUMPH.) and decided that I would snap some pics around the house and show ya'll around. I think Derek's family, my parents, and my Aunt Linda are the only family from my side who have ever been in our house... so, this is where we live.

We bought this house in 2004 and moved in a few days before Christmas. It's 1400 sq. feet, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. We have slowly made it our own and even though we are looking for land and thinking about building in the next few years, we love it here and have so many great memories.

*Side note: this is how you can tell that I have too much time on my hands... blog posts that take more than fifteen minutes to dream up and write out... so enjoy. It's a rare occasion. =]

1. The exterior of our house from the street... I cheated, the outside pictures were taken at the end of last summer when everything was green. The day I took the rest of these pics it was snowing and raining and I didn't want to go slop through puddles for a snapshot. Yes, there is WSU stuff ALL over our house. Our neighbor hangs a Huskie flag and most of the time I think he does it just to piss us off.

2. Our back patio... we get the evening sun and after about 3pm the backyard becomes inhabitable. So, we built a deck and covered it to replace the 10x10 concrete slab that used to exist there. We don't exactly have a fantastic view (of the neighbor's scrap metal) but it's a great place to hide out during thunderstorms in the spring and drink coffee in the mornings.

3. The shed. It's a shed. My dad built it. We keep shed stuff in it. My dog is standing next to it. Pretty self explanatory.

4. This is the view from the living room. That's the neighbor with the obnoxious UW flag. We keep these curtains closed pretty much all the time.

5. The back half of the living room... Derek's chair and my couch - we pretty much live in this room.

6. The front half of the living room... it's what we're staring at while we're spending all our time in here. We looked all over for that clock (over the TV), painted it silver so it would show up on the wall, and then our neighbor came over and told us if we went back in time to the house where he grew up, that same clock was probably hanging on the wall. =]

7. The laundry room is right off the living room and leads out to the garage. ::points to cabinets in picture:: Derek hung cabinets for me for Christmas and I LOVE the extra storage. I still hate doing laundry though. Maybe if he buys me a front loading washer and dryer set I'll like it more. (hint, hint, nudge, nudge.)

8. The kitchen from the dining room. Pretty self explanatory.

9. This is a piece of artwork we have up on the ledge from a local artist. Derek and I went with my parents to her art studio and she had a piece that she thought was "flawed" (in reality, it has a TINY dent in the glaze). Anyway, she gave it to us for free and we absolutely adore it.

10. The "hutch", as it's called in our house. Derek's dad made it for me when we moved in and I realized that I had more stuff than I had cupboards. It's my appliance storage and cookbook central. I LOVE it and use it constantly. He designed it after one I was drooling over in a Pottery Barn catalog. Yeah. My father-in-law is cool like that.

12. Our dining room. I hate that I had to leave the curtains closed for these pictures (the light made the picture super dark) but we installed french doors last year and they look amazing! The door leads out onto the patio and the back yard.

13. A piece of art that was given to me by a close friend. Amazingly, it's the only polka dotted thing in the house (Derek has banned them for the most part) and I LOVE it!!

14. The other side of the room... my niece always asks me why we have "Christmas" lights on our trees. I love leaving most of the lights off and having just little things like the trees lit up at night.

15. Looking down the hallway from the dining room. The first door on the left side is the guest room, then the linen closet, then Addison's room. On the right side is the guest bathroom and then our bedroom.

16. The guest/Addison's bathroom. It has the BEST soaking tub ever... Don't ask me what possessed me to buy white towels. They are impossible to keep clean!

17. Wanna come stay with us? This is where we'll put you... =]

18. Our master bathroom... I *heart* my big Sephora make-up case... I bought it for myself for Christmas.

19. Yes, I know our comforter doesn't fit. We'll get to that in a minute. This is our bedroom. All of the furniture in this room was either made or refinished by Derek and his dad. Our room is incredibly dark - I love the red wall and the black out shades. I can walk in there at noon on a sunny day in July and it feels like midnight. Now, allow me to explain the bedding situation... I could have staged this. We do own a queen sized comforter that is beautiful and fits the bed wonderfully. Here is the problem... I am a massive cover hog. MASSIVE. I like to take my blanket, roll up in it like a burrito and bury myself. Derek, on the other hand, likes to sleep like a vampire - on his back, with his hands on his chest and the sheets pulled up to his chin. Therein lies the problem. We cannot share the same blanket without nearly killing each other. So, I curl up with the brown down comforter every night and Derek takes the sheets and blanket. I should also add that the ONLY reason our bed is made is because I just changed the sheets. I don't do bed making... not even for interweb company =]

20. Our headboard... Derek comes from a very crafty family and they like to take on DIY projects. Sometimes it's contagious and after watching a show on HGTV we decided to try our hand at turning a door into a headboard. We went out and bought an old door at a second hand store. Derek sanded it, stained it, and then sanded off the areas that are light now. He built the end caps and we absolutely love it. We have been putting off buying a king size bed because we don't want to give up our headboard.

21. The key. I found this key when I was 17 years old and dating my high school boyfriend. I have always had a fascination with skeleton keys and when I say it in an antique shop. I put it on a piece of ribbon and gave it to my boyfriend as the key to my heart. Two years later, when we broke up I took it back. In it's existence it has belonged to three people. Since I gave it to Derek he has kept it next to him in our room hanging from his lamp.

22. The current reading material on my nightstand, recommended to me by a student. It's actually pretty good... I'll let you know how it turns out.

23. Addison's room... my FAVORITE room in the house. Derek painted the yellow stripes for me and even though it was a pain it was SO worth it. I loved the idea of pink and lime green instead of pastels.

24. Our glider and Addison's toy box (which is a lifesaver in such a tiny room!!!).

25. I bought the wooden letters for Addison's room but they were black and very boyish looking. I decided to cover them with scrap booking paper and a little glitter. They turned out great and they match her room perfectly.

26. We got this owl as a gift at our last baby shower from my cousin. Her friend is an artist and made this piece specially for Addison using pieces of fabric from her bedding that my mom made. It is so cute and it's neat to know that it's a one of a kind.

27. The room wouldn't be complete without this little cutie =]

28. The lamp that my mom made for Addison... we sit and cuddle every night in the rocker and read our bedtime stories by the light of the lamp.

29. The birth announcement that my Aunt Linda painted for Addison after she was born.

30. The Noah's Ark that my mom made for Addi's room...

Well... there you have it, that's our house. If you're ever in wine country and need a place to stay, give us a call!! G'night!

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