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Friday, April 2, 2010

Hey, I know you!!!

I always find it funny when I run into a student at Target or Costco and they get all weirded out that I actually exist outside of the classroom. It blows their mind to think that I buy groceries, go out to dinner, and go shopping just like "normal people" do.

When I was out buying groceries at Fred Meyer the other day I almost walked smack into one of the lactation nurses from the hospital where Addison was born. During the first two weeks of her life, we were in the ABC Clinic (After Baby Comes Clinic) almost daily because she lost so much weight. So, when I saw this nurse who had spent several hours with us trying to help Addison learn how to latch on I almost instantly walked up to say something along the lines of, "OMG! Hi! Do you remember us? I had my baby in September and we had trouble nursing so we came into the clinic a bunch and you worked with us on the whole breastfeeding thing it didn't' end up working out so I've had to pump and bottle feed instead and I got mastitis twice and my daughter is so cute do you remember her?" ::gasp in air after one incredibly LONG sentence::

Then, I paused and thought of my students. Of course she is out buying groceries, talking on her phone, and living her totally normal life. She was off duty... der. She wouldn't remember us, she probably would have been polite, faked that she had a clue who I was, cooed over Addison, asked how things were going, and we would have said our goodbyes. But in reality, I was just another in a long line of boobs with a newborn attached who was in need of her assistance. So, I smiled to myself, said a silent thank you to her for her help, and went searching for the half-and-half.

Now, my students strange reactions make a little more sense to me...

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