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Monday, April 5, 2010

Addison's 1st Easter...

On Saturday afternoon we went to my brother-in-law's house to dye Easter eggs and make cupcakes. Addison was all too helpful while we were dying eggs and poured the yellow dye on both of us. =] I was happy to make polka dotted eggs for her and 'help' her eat her cupcakes...

Addison made quite the haul on Easter morning. The Easter bunny stuffed her bouncer full of clothes, books, binkies, and stuffed animals. She was far more interested in the tags on everything and chewed on them all morning. My mom sent the sunglasses and we got some hysterical pictures of her in them being a little diva.

For Easter dinner and our Easter egg hunt we went back to Derek's brother's house. We had turkey and ham (Addison dined on milk) and then had a full scale Easter egg hunt. Addison wasn't sure why there were eggs laying around on the ground and she didn't appreciate that she couldn't lick them all but she got a basket full anyway. It was cold and windy so we had to put her jacket on but her little dress was so cute!! She ended up in a polka dotted dress, bib, and jacket by the time we made it outside. =]

Happy Easter!!

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  1. You got the polka dotted Carters dress!!!! I love it!!! :) :) It looks adorable on her. Miss lilly will be wearing the same dress to a wedding in May. Too cute.


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