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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Addison's Adventures...

Allow me to narrate for you...

Addison: "Hi, Sawyer! Wow, those are super cute jeans! Did your mom buy those for you? I love shopping!"

Sawyer: "Um, yeah. Can you pass the remote?"

Addison: "OMG! Sawyer, look at my super cute new shoes!! Don't you just love them!? I got them at the mall. Did I mention that I love shopping?! Do you want to touch them? Here, lick them, they taste delicious!"

Sawyer: "Um, thanks. Yeah, they're great. Are the Olympics on yet?"

Addison: "Sawyer, look at this blanket! It has fringy thingys all over it! Wanna chew on one? Here, this spot is super!"

Sawyer: "Hey, that does look good! Thanks!"

But... at the end of the night, they were holding hands and sharing a blanket :) Little cuties!


Peas... attempt one.

I'm going to file this one under... "Ew. Not really a fan."

Addison, as a side note, I'm really REALLY sorry that your first culinary experience had to be peas. I promise, it gets better. Hang in there little girl!

Hanging out with Mommy...

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