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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Doing it all... or not.

Le sigh...

It would appear that, despite my best efforts, I am not a superhero. Dammit. While this may be old news to some of you, it's a bit of a shock to me. While I was still pregnant with Cohen I thought I had it all figured out - I came up with a cleaning plan that would allow me to do a little each day {a new concept for me} to keep the house spiffy without having to dedicate an entire day to cleaning on the weekends. It made sense, especially with a toddler, to spread out the cleaning love throughout the week. In my pregnant brain I also believed it would be a piece of cake {mmmm.... cake....} to continue once the bebe arrived. I mean, newborns sleep ALL. THE. TIME. right??

{Yes, in just two and a half short years, I forgot what having a newborn is like...}

So, for the first few weeks, I did it. Mind you, I had my parents or Derek here the whole time so Cohen was always being fed, snuggled, changed, and entertained even if it wasn't by yours truly. Then my parents flew away to Arizona and Derek trudged off to work and I found myself home alone, trying to entertain a new baby. Let me tell you, my plan failed. I don't have enough energy time to clean a specific area of the house each day. Honestly, I'm feeling pretty bad-ass for simply making the rounds and continuing the 'quick pick up' routine that accompanied my cleaning schedule. But clean-cleaning each day... it ain't gonna happen. Basically it came down to this - I have enough time and energy to either get my workout in OR clean my house each day - but not both. I made the decision last night to put myself ahead of my housework and spend my energy taking care of baby and trying to get back into shape {with the nagging hope that getting back into shape will equal more energy which will then equal getting my housework done... but we'll see}.

The original plan...

Monday: Clean master bedroom and bathroom {dust, vacuum, change sheets/towels, clean shower, etc}
Tuesday: Clean kids rooms and extra bathroom {dust, vacuum, change sheets/towels, clean tub, etc}
Wednesday: Clean dining room & deck {dust, vacuum, clean windows, sweep deck}
Thursday: Clean kitchen
Friday: Clean living room, entry, and laundry room
Weekend: Wash clothes and do yard work

Quick pick up: Each night - wipe counter tops in kitchen & bathrooms, swiffer kitchen floor, laundry {as needed}, put away toys, filing, etc. 

Maybe you can see why it's not working when I have someone who is either needing to be cuddled {NOT complaining}, changed {complaining a little} or fed. So, I'm making a change... here is the new, modified, mommy-of-two plan...

Every day: Quick pick up {wipe counter tops in kitchen & bathrooms, swiffer kitchen floor, laundry & vacuuming {as needed}, put away toys, filing, etc.}

1st & 3rd weekend of each month - Clean bedrooms and bathrooms
2nd & 4th weekend of each month - Clean dining, kitchen, and living rooms

I feel like if I keep up on the daily routine that I can spread out the deep cleaning to every other week instead of every week. I have no idea when I will cram yard work in or how this will work with Addison home on the weekends but at least I'll have Derek around for help wrangling the little people in our lives.

So... there you have it. I'm not a super hero. I guess I'm okay with that. But if you stop by for a visit and my house isn't clean - no judging. If you want to see a clean house, schedule it according to the plan above. =]

{And, just for fun... Cohen has been conked out in his swing for the last 90 minutes which has allowed me to shower, pick up, blog, AND talk to my bestest friend for a bit... see, I used my down time wisely...} 


  1. That cleaning routine sounds brutal and zero fun. And besides, cleaning a house while your kids are still young is like trying to empty the ocean with a bucket. As long as it "looks neat" you should be fine.

  2. I agree, I learned really fast that it wasn't going to work out like I planned... I'm just trying to keep it clean enough that if people stop by I'm not embarrassed by the dishes in the sink or the laundry piled on the couch :)


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