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Saturday, December 4, 2010

I now understand toddler tantrums.

I have been overspending [that is the understatement of the century]. So, I turned over my cards to Derek until I can get my finances under control. I still pay all my bills online but I no longer carry a debit card for my main account. Money for gas, groceries, and spending [yes, I get a little allowance] goes to my credit union where I still have a debit card. That's it. No checkbook, no credit cards, no cash, nada. I agreed to it, I WANTED it, and I know it's for the best but at the time of year when I want to be buying gifts for everyone I love - it SUCKS.

We went to the mall while we were in Vancouver [my bright idea, like an alcoholic going into a bar to 'hang out']. I actually cannot remember the last time I went to a mall and didn't buy SOMETHING - I walked by Sephora, Victoria's Secret, Gymboree, Macy's, Pumpkin Patch, COACH, Buckle, all my favorite stores and I couldn't buy ANYTHING. Derek bought a few outfits for Addison for Christmas but I walked out with NOTHING. I seriously, honestly, truly wanted to through myself down on the floor, kick my feet and scream as we walked out of the mall through Sephora. It was physically painful. I hated it.

It's bad when it affects you THAT badly to not get to buy things you don't need... :/

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