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Friday, December 24, 2010

Addison's finally meets the snow...

After having one of the snowiest winters [so far] since we've lived in the valley, we FINALLY got Addison ready and went out and played in the six or so inches that we got in the last few days. We were a bit ill prepared, we had the snow suit and coat, thanks to my sister-in-law but we didn't have snow boots or gloves... so we improvised. Her baby Uggs went on, but they aren't water proof so Derek decided to wrap them with plastic bags to keep them dry. We also lacked gloves (because we are freakishly AWESOME parents) so we put two pairs of her fuzziest socks on her hands and did the same plastic bag/rubber band trick. Hey, it worked. We made a tiny snowman, which Addison tackled, Derek plowed me with snowballs [FAIL], and Derek tried to snow Addison how to make snow angels but they ended up just rolling around and being silly... it was a fun family moment, and I thought I'd share some of the pictures...

Here mom, I got myself dressed and I'm all ready to go back out and play!!

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