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Thursday, November 8, 2012

The good news... and the bad news...

On 10/26 I went in to Valley Imaging for three separate MRI scans. I have been having numbness in my left arm and leg off and on and have a large numb 'patch' in the center of my back. I had sprained my neck a week or so prior when I was playing with Addison and have been having stiff neck and intense aching back pain ever since. The MRI was ordered to rule out Multiple Sclerosis, something that the doctors had suspected before I got pregnant with Cohen. Thankfully, the scans came back clear for MS but showed some alarming problems with my spine. I am now waiting on a call from the Spine Clinic and getting ready to take some real pain killers for the first time in weeks in hopes of getting some relief. I found a diagram so I can 'show' you where it hurts.

Here's my diagnosis right from the doctors report...

Bulging T4-5 and T7-8 discs
C5-6 central protrusion
Spinal Stenosis


If it's not one thing... it's another. There is a hot pack and a couple of Vicodin calling my name so I'm off to bed. Pray to God this is something that is easily managed - I have too much to do to have a bad back. 

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