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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cohen vs. Solids (Round 1)

Today is a mighty big day for Sir Cohen. Not only has he moved on from his Nap Nanny {a man needs to be able to MOVE people...} but he has also finally entered the world of solid foods. I'm not sure that single grain oatmeal was quite the tenderloin he had been dreaming of, he has been watching us eat with puppy dog eyes for the last few weeks, but he seemed pretty excited nonetheless.

Can't you tell by this face?

Let's do this Mama!! Bring on the runny oatmeal that only slightly thicker than milk!! I'm READY!!
He HAD to hold the spoon... he's kind of a control freak like that. I have absolutely  NO idea where he gets that from...
And here, if you want the live action, is the video of this exciting moment in parenting...

Solid foods put up a mighty fight, but I think the judges would score this one: Solids - 0, Cohen - 1.

PS... This is a scene from the bath that followed. Derek and Cohen have a 'steal the wash cloth' game that goes on every night... it's pretty damn cute. :)

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