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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Back in the saddle... again.

Today, I believe, was the biggest parenting milestone for me since giving birth... I took Addison riding! Well, in all actuality, she sat on Marika with me for a picture but still, she was in the saddle! She LOVED being around the horses (as the video below shows) and was in such a good mood the whole time we were there. I am so lucky to have friends like Will and Teresa who are willing to let me come out and ride around and especially lucky that they have Friesians coming out there ears and need people to ride them =] Today I rode Marika since my love Durk had a driving lesson. I just walked and trotted, trying to get my back and muscles ready to move again. We'll be going back again during the week and riding some more and even though I'll be sore as heck, it's well worth it!

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