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Sunday, April 6, 2008

whaddya mean spring break is over???

one of the biggest perks of teaching is the breaks... a week at thanksgiving, three weeks for the holidays, a week in the spring, and two glorious months off during the summer... that being said, i just managed to accomplish absolutely NOTHING over my spring break... i had lofty aspirations - clean and organize the back two rooms (i did get one done), organize the garage, get the yardwork pulled together, yaddayaddayadda... now here's what i really did - went to the barn, groomed horses, played with horses, sat on horses, got my hair and nails done, rode horses... do you see the problem? so, despite having nothing productive to show for my 9 days off, i did have lots of quality time with my favorite four legged friends... i guess that isn't so bad. here are some pics from my latest excursion :)

me and wonder-durk :)

ahhh... such a pretty boy!

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